February 19, 2020

Folklore evening


During your visit, you are offered a unique opportunity to get introduced to the Macedonian folk songs and dances and to enjoy rich national costumes and customs.


Sightseeing of Ohrid


SIGHTSEEING of  OHRID- the Macedonian pearl

(Half day excursion)

 Bus transfer to the center of Ohrid. Sightseeing (on foot ) through this town which is rich in culture and tradition, and visit to the churches of St.Sofia ( 11th century) and St.BogorodicaPerivlepta( 13th century),the Antique Theatre and the Icon Gallery. Enjoy the break to take some photos or to drink some coffee. Transfer to the hotel.

End of programme.

St. Jovan Bigorski - Mavrovo

The monastery of St.JOVAN BIGORSKI – MAVROVO

(Full day excursion, a round trip of Western Macedonia)


A memorable journey through the valley of the river Crni Drim and the canyon of the river Radika along th e Lake Mavrovo. Visit the monastery complex of St.Jovan Bigorski where you can see one of the world’s most impressive wood carved iconostasis.

Return to the hotel via the town of Kicevo.

End of programme.


St. Naum

The monastery of St. Naum - The Miracle maker 

(Half day excursion)

Departure from the hotel by bus. Travel to the monastery of St.Naum (9th century) located nearby the Macedonian-Albanian border. This place is also known as the springs of the Ohrid Lake and The CrniDrim River”.

 The road goes along the shore of the lake. The first stop is at the “Bay of the Bones”, a restored prehistoric settlement on the lake.

Proceed towards the monastery of St.Naum. Sightseeing and then some free time for coffee or lunch. Return to the hotel.

End of programme.


 * Alternative full day programme: by boat- departure from the quay in Ohrid

Bitola with Heraclea


 (Full day excursion)


Departure from the hotel by bus. The route leads us through the National park of “ Galicica” which will be a great opportunity to take a photo both of Ohrid and Prespa Lake. Then you pay a visit to the Ethological museum in the village of Podmocani. You travel to Bitola to visit the antique site of Heraklea Linkestis, famous for its magnificent mosaics.

Then we continue the sightseeing of Bitola, walking through the Bitola’s “Shiroksokak “(the main street with lots of shops and café bars) to see the Clock tower, the church of St.Dimitrija and the City museum.

Return to Ohrid via the town of Resen.

End of programme.


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