January 23, 2021
Church of St. John at Kaneo
Saint Naum
Ohrid at night
The House of Robevci-Museum
Samuil Fortress
Bay of the bones
Antique theatre
St Pantelejmon

About Ohrid

No matter how many times you visit the place,there is always an urge to go back, and, going back there is always something else to explore and to see.
Ohrid is a millenium Balkan transversal in a sence of time as well as space.

A living town for more than 2 thousand and five hundred years,known under the ancient name of Lichnid.A town with woven achievements into the tapestry of a
powerful ancient civilization.Later on it bears the name of the everlasting town: " The Balkan Jerusalem",because Ohrid was considered as Christian church
center and the seat of the first Pan-slovenic university in Europe.

Within the past decades Ohrid has taken it's place among the handful of rising stars on the European vacation scene.

In our region there are plenty things to do and places to see,museums to visit,churches to admire,mountains to climb.But don't be surprised if you find
youself submitting to the mesmeric charm of the lake and the scenary,and spending a few days doing nothing much at all.

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